The customer in focus – from idea to product

All our assignments start and end with the customer. At LYNDDAHL TELECOM we develop our piping solutions based on the customer’s wishes and requirements. We are therefore in close dialogue with the customer as early on in the process as possible, so that our knowhow and experience in producing total piping solutions can benefit the customer.

We know that all piping solutions are unique and require customization. The dialogue with the customer is of the highest importance, as we can meet almost all customer demands – if we know what they are. We know the market and its demands, and whether you need microtubes or cable piping, we can deliver piping solutions, that live up to your wishes and meet market requirements and standards.

We strive to establish a close cooperation with our customers, so that our primary competencies within product development, product customization and customized solutions are optimally used. This is how we can achieve a dynamic, which creates creative and effective solutions, based on our customer’s needs and ideas as well as our experience.

We offer customized logistical solutions

We appreciate efficiency – as do our customers. We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to receive material and supplies from us as well as dispose of excess material.

When you order a total solution from us, we will handle the logistics of delivering your material. We will ensure that our products are delivered on the building site, right where you need them, and we will pick up excess material, so you have one task less to worry about.

This is not only a service to you as our customer, but also a part of our environmental policy.


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