The Telecom Industry

At LYNDDAHL TELECOM we deliver complete piping solutions for fibre optic installations to the telecom industry. We have developed the concept – One-Stop-Shopping, so that you as a telecom company only have to go to one place for all the supplies you need to for a complete installation of the passive part of your telecom solutions.

You can order all your supplies for your fibre optic installation – microducts, sheet microtubes, cable slab, joint boxes, fittings etc. Once you have placed your order, you need not worry about the logistics, as we can deliver the material on site, just where you need them. And we can collect excess material, so you do not have to get rid of the excess waste.

Our competent production department can produce piping and accessories in the exact dimensions that you need. And we have the capacity to produce the exact type of pipe and material that you need.

The customers’ requirements are always different. Each piping solution must be adapted to the environment and surroundings where it is being installed and it must meet all demands and requirements. This is why we are in close dialogue with the customer before we start production. We do this in order to produce the correct solution. In short – we listen to you as a customer and develop and produce entirely to your wishes and requirements.

You will find LYNDDAHL TELECOM to be an efficient partner with a great deal of experience in the industry offering total solutions, that are tailored to your requirements and live up to the standards on the market.


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